Gillespie, Angie

Angie Gillespie is an encaustic artist from Eastern South Dakota. Her subject matter is mostly abstract landscapes with stretched out horizons & vast intricate patterns & designs that carry across the panel. Her brightly colored work is luminescent & has a certain glow as light dances between the many layers of wax.

Although self-taught in the realms of encaustic; in a primitive fashion, her love for the medium started as a child. Spending countless summer days at the lake, she’d create little fire pits with a grill top & melt crayons in metal jar lids.

“I loved melting crayons & pouring it on the sand, leaves or rocks. As absurd as it may sound now, as a child I was allowed to play with matches and make fires on the beach. But I was always reminded by my mother, “Make sure you pull your hair back!” I’d walk into the boathouse or garage & my dad would have countless odds & ends all neatly organized on the wall. I can vividly remember standing before all of it, thinking, ‘what can I make today?'”

Now many years later, Angie is consistently pushing the boundaries of what the wax can do & forging new ways to implement those ideas! Her goal is to never stop learning & to always evolve with her work through time & life experiences.

Angie resides in Sioux Falls with her husband, two children, two big pups & a lizard named Frank. She works from her home studio and downtown Printing Studio, APLIS Fine Art Printing – finding balance between everything. In her spare time, she loves to read, sit in her gardens & be silly with her family.

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