Joplin, Lyric


I am a ritual artist

 I am intensely connected with the natural world as well as the pollution in it. In the trees, the streams, the mud and hidden places around the bend.

 I am giving a voice to the spirits with each artwork. I create these divine-workings to nurture the relationships i have developed with divinity. I paint the unseen. 

 When my apex is reached with the collective unconscious i paint the art of secrets.  

 My paintings are comprised of high to low relief, texture from organic forms, symbols (sigils), & emotive energy. My palette comes from dried plants, animals, and minerals. I use ink made from ashes, nuts,and herbs. I bind iron oxides and vegetable earth pigments for creating earthy hues. I make my paints. I mix egg, water & wine. I melt, pour, and layer pigmented beeswax with damar tree resin. A blow torch is my brush fusing all this together.

 My art is about the awakening to the beauty of death & the challenge of life.

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